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Coordinative Molecular Bond Armor Material, also known as COMBAM, is a revolutionary cooling technology now being developed by Rocky Research. COMBAM can be designed with an endothermic feature and serve as thermal protection against unintended high temperature conditions. The material can be “charged” with refrigerant and programmed at the molecular level to release the refrigerant at a predetermined rate thereby providing self-cooling and preventing the propagation of fire and heat-induced self-ignitions.

Thanks to an unintended consequence of its molecular structure, the material has also proven to be more bulletproof than Kevlar. COMBAM is a novel non-traditional blast mitigation material, which can synergistically be integrated with traditional armor, resulting in optimal and mass efficient armor solutions against blast/fragment threats.

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In addition to developing the technology and material, Rocky Research has also developed an efficient manufacturing process for future production. Using this process, COMBAM can be molded into any shape of virtually any size, sure to make it an incredibly versatile and valuable technology in the near future.

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