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Venture Consulting

Due Diligence of Technology

The Rocky Research scientists, engineering, and manufacturing specialists are dedicated to assist potential investors in vetting all technical aspects of a venture from:

  • The basic science
  • The technology platform
  • The resulting products and manufacturing requirements
  • Product positioning and protection of IP via asymmetrical examination of trade secrets and patents

Right Team, Right Focus, Right Experience

We are proven experts in successfully validating the science and the product to be market ready.

Rocky Research does this by:

  • Assessing the scientific validity
  • Confirming the technology platform steps
  • Mapping disruptive technology and patent challenges
  • Determining the manufacturing technology path/risks

We have extensive expertise in design, prototyping, and testing.

Examples include:

  • Chemical, mechanical, and electrical expertise
  • Thermodynamics (energy conversion, heating, cooling and refrigeration)
  • Materials science
  • Corrosion technology
  • Fluid Mechanics (FEA, CFD)
  • Thermal management products and components
  • Renewable energy technology and integration
  • Power electronics design and control
  • Variable speed controls and systems

We assess technical and economic feasibility issues and options.

Science › Technology › Market Feasibility Assessments

  • Analyze and verify the science behind products, systems, and controls
  • Enhance venture management’s technical and scientific product knowledge
  • Identify requirements in translating from science to completed market-ready product

We define the risks and solutions for the business plan.

Research Essentials:

  • Analyze costs of production elements assumed in the business plan
  • Assess patent claim strength and scope against alternative options to bypass patents
  • Evaluate patents vs. trade secrets, and identify with method is best
  • Vet market research data from alternative technology competition, uniqueness of product, etc.
  • Function as investor’s technical advisor, initial and ongoing (if required)

We test expense projections, from prototyping to manufacturing.

Core Strengths of Rocky Research:

  • Advise on prototype development to validate technology
  • Prototype design-build-test and quality assurance requirements
  • Prototype to manufacturing, incremental requirements
  • Validate stated cost projections

We advise venture management on product readiness.

Integrity in the Details, Production to Market:

  • Necessary operational staff qualifications
  • Manufacturing process layout
  • Manufacturing facility requirements
  • Implementing quality assurance programs
  • Demonstrate product and sample needs
  • Manufacturing and sales force selection, and training and education
  • Product’s market readiness validation

We have a committed team of scientists and engineers, the tools, and the facilities to deliver.

Rocky Research Team Credentials:
A Successful Track Record

  • Rocky Research has a long history of creative technical solutions across a broad range of commercial, industrial, and defense products and applications
  • Our engineers, scientists, and technicians bring together a wealth of chemical, mechanical, and electrical expertise to review, design, prototype, test, and manufacture a wide variety of technology based products and components
  • Rocky Research’s facilities include an analytical laboratory for chemical analysis, physical property measurements, and prototype development; an assembly and testing facilities for mechanical, electrical, and thermal equipment; as well as a prototype machine shop
  • Rocky Research has over 25 years of experience and 250+ Global Patents